Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dance-tastic Furios Footwork from the 80's

That is how a guy on So You Think You Can Dance described his dance troupe. That's right. He formed it because he was sick of getting kicked out of the clubs based solely on the way he danced. Freaking hilarious. He is wearing tie dyed spandex under black running shorts. A green t-shirt and white knee high gym socks with black stripes at the top. He has then on his arms too, under his fingerless gloves. And bandanas tied around his arms. A sweatband. And, his shirt says 1, 2, 3 party. Oh, and, his teammates names are Ice and Ultra. 'Nuff said. He just said he was heading out with his boombox.

Friday, May 7, 2010

How I got pink slipped

So my boss and I have always had a pretty good relationship. We have similar personalities so we are able to joke and cut up and we laugh a lot. But seeing as we are both smart asses, we tend to push the limits and see just how far we can go. Sometimes, he likes to ask me where I will be working next year, and I respond with, obviously not here.

So a few weeks ago, he comes to tell us it is time to go to lunch. Only, when he calls my name, I think he is a student so I respond with, "Hold on." He calls my name again, and I say, "Clearly, I am busy right now." At which point, I hear a student say, "It's the principal." He responds with, "Clearly, but it is time to go to lunch." Needless to say, I turned bright red and the minute he left, I laid on the floor and sarcastically thanked the kids for having my back. Now, I have taken my share of ribbing for this incident, one for which I probably do deserve to be fired. But for the last week, I haven't heard much about it.

This morning, at our faculty meeting, it reared its ugly head. At the end of the meeting, the bossman hands out several awards and then proceeds to tell the story of my mouthyness to the entire faculty (much to my mortification) and then he awards with me with "The pink slip award: for having the uncanny ability to be fired multiple times a week and yet continue coming to work."

And that, my friends, is how I got the pink slip this fine Friday morning.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

House Hunting

Let me preface this post by stating my awareness that we are fortunate that we put our house on the market and were able to get a contract in a matter of weeks. And it is a contract where we will not be cutting a check to get out of this house. Loved this house. Hate to move, but our needs are no longer what they used to be.

Now that I got that out of the way......

........I am so sick of looking at houses. I love houses. I have always enjoyed driving around and looking to see what else is out there. I love going into other peoples houses and seeing what they've got going on. However, if I have to spend one more hour in a car, driving around and looking at houses and deciding which ones we want to go into. And then going into them and finding out that the house sucks.

I also hate that we found a fabulous house, fell in love, went to make an offer and found out it had an offer accepted earlier that day. I was sick about it.

Needless to say, we have again found the house of our dreams. Only online. And so we are going to see it tomorrow and are ready to make a bid. If I post an angry blog tomorrow, know that the house is not available.