Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tis the season to be....

Stressed? I'm pretty sure that's not how that line ends. But it is in my world. I am not done shopping, but Chris is. He asks me every morning if I want to celebrate Christmas that day. No, I don't. Because you don't have shit under the tree. Sorry Charlie. And when I thought I was going to get some shopping done, oh nah. I just couldn't get our shit together to get out the door.

Has anyone else ever tried shopping with an infant? I took her to the mall a few weeks ago, hoping to get something accomplished. Ha! I mean, don't get me wrong, she behaved awesomely. But by the time I changed her, fed her, changed her again, maneuvered the stroller through the stores, changed her, again (and this time changed her clothes too because she had spit up all over them) I was hungry. And exhausted. And had bought nothing. So, I am not taking her with me again. But by the time Chris gets everything done that he needs to, there is only a short period of time left for me and I can't quite travel as far as I need to in order to get it done.

So today, I am hoping, that when Chris gets home from his errands, that I will be able to get out there and get it done so I can stop worrying about his Christmas. Only I need help from someone, who I have asked for assistance, and said person has been wonderful to help me, but I am going to miss said person because they will be where I need to go before Chris is home. And while I could pack Kate up and go, please read the above paragraph.

So, sigh, here is to hoping that I can figure it out on my own and it gets done. That my shopping will be over and I can stop stressing about it. That Chris and I can just enjoy some time together. That I can stop worrying about how the house is a mess. That I can be excited about Friday. That I can stop wanting to just crawl back into bed and say forget it because there is just too much to do.