Monday, November 28, 2016

Jingle Bells....Jingle Bells....Jingle all the.....hey.....why is the Elf in Same Place?

So somewhere along the line someone decided that just threatening our kids that Santa is watching wasn't enough, but instead they need a visual for dramatic effect.  They wrote a cute story, created a creepy doll, and Elf on a Shelf was born.  Naturally, so that I am not a failure as a mother, I had to jump on board and get one.  So some time about 4 years ago, we got our elf.  Kate named her Snowflake Jingle Bells, because, of course she did.

Anywho, Snowflake appears after Thanksgiving and hangs out until Christmas causing all kinds of mayhem and mischief.  Sounds adorable, right?  Wrong.  False.  This little bugger causes anxiety and sadness, because I wake up in the middle of the night and realize that I have almost failed yet again as a mother because Snowflake still needs to be moved.

And then there are the days I don't wake up and remember............and cue in #momfail.

This morning the kids woke up, the day after Snowflake arrived back at our house, and they rushed downstairs to see where she was today.  Only, oops, she is exactly where she was yesterday.  Seriously?!?!?!?  I didn't even make it a day this year before screwing this up?!?!  Geez.

Sorry, kids.  The truth is, you were so bad yesterday that Snowflake probably decided to give you a second chance before she reported to Santa.  Er.....uh......something like that.

Needless to say, I am over compensating for tomorrow (see picture below).

Get it together Snowflake.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

30 days of Thankful

I like to consider myself a drive by blogger. I only post every few months. At this point I am sure no one is following me. However, I will post anyway, at risk of talking only to myself.

So this month fellow Facebookers have been updating their statuses with their 30 days of thankful. I tried not to get sucked in. But then I started thinking of all the things I am thankful for, both serious and trivial. But rather than build the supsense by posting one thing a day, I thought I would share it all in a blog. Or two. Or maybe three, depending on how hard it is to come up with 30 in one sitting, and how much patience I have for sitting and typing.

So here 30 days of thankful, in particular order.

1 - My husband Chris and my daughter Kate. The two best decisions I have ever made in my life. I am so lucky to have such an amazing and supportive husband who is willing to put up with me. And we are so blessed to have such an beautiful, fun, charismatic daughter who brings joy to my life daily. I love them both, and would be lost without either one of them.

2 - My parents. They gave me life. They raised me right (whether I listened or not). They have taught me about the parent I want to be for Kate. They have always supported me, even when they thought I might be making the wrong decision. They have always been there for me when I came to them admitting my mistakes. They have shared all my joys and celebrated in great fashion. And they give up so much of their time to take care of Kate. I delight in the joy in their eyes when they are with their grandchild. There aren't words enough to express my thanks for them being the ones to provide our childcare. It has benefitted us both financially and emotionally. Thank you in so many ways for being you.

3- My sister, Jessica. She often fails to see her many great qualities. But she is funny, and beautiful and smart. I admire her in ways she will never understand. She amazes me with her intelligence, especially when it comes to science. She can name plants by theri scientific names, she know things like the pluaral of praying mantis (it is pratying mantids by the way), and she has an ability to grow beautiful rare orchids (not an easy task). She also never fails to laugh with me about the dumb things, like quoting Mr. Wrong, and she shares my affinity for Twilight. Greatest sister and Aunt ever.

4- Grandma- She is a staple. She is my third parent. She has been a rock. She has always been there. There have been countless laughs, scrabble games, and cups of tea. She is the one who would pick me up from school when I was sick and have the couch ready with a comforter for me. She taught me to bake, and cook(although I was never as good as her) and she taught me to get past what others think about me. She is everyone's grandma. Always has been, always will be.

5- My best friend Kristin. You don't stay friends with someone for 24 years for no reason. Sometimes I feel like we share a brain. We like the same t.v. shows, movies, music. We have the same sense of humor. We both love college football. We can finish each others sentences. We have long talks via text, email or chat and then laugh when we realize we probably should have just called. And when I do call, I can lead with something like, "TBS should really start airing reruns of Dawson's Creek." And she laughs, and then agrees. I am thankful that she remembers the things I don't, and let's be honest, more often than not, I remember the things she can't. There are too many reasons to list here.

6- Really crappy reality television. That's right. I want Jersey Shore. I want MTV Challenges. Biggest Loser? check. Survivor? Yes, please (I mean it has "outwitted, outplayed and outlasted all other reality tv.) Food Network Challenge? Of course. Thanks, t.v., for putting all this crap on t.v. so that I can be hooked.

7- College football. Yes, it is not serious, but to me, it is serious. I love, love, love fall Saturdays. Tailgating for GA football is one of the greatest experiences ever. The foood, the friends, the experience. The heat of the first game and the cold of the last. People watching the other tailgaters. Going to the actual game, or huddling around the t.v. when they aren't playing in Athens. Praising your coach. Cussing your coach. Thinking all referees are terrible. The thrill of a win and the devestation of defeat. All worth it.

8- Cheesy teen angst dramas. That's right. At 30 I have lived through 3 decades of glorious teen angst. First it was Beverly Hills 90210. Not the cheesy remake, the original. Thanks Brenda, Brandon, Dylan, Kelly, Donna, David, Steve, Nat, and Mr. and Mrs. Walsh.(I am a fan of original casts, so sorry for those not mentioned.) I followed that up with Dawson's Creek. Who doesn't love teenagers talking like they are Harvard educated lawyers? And the neverending battle between Pacey and Dawson. Love it. Thanks Joey, Dawson, Pacey, Jen, Andy, Jack and Grams! And lost but not least, One Tree Hill. I have been a fan from the beginning. I am now ready for it to be over. But I have loved every minute of you Brooke, Lucas, Peyton, Nathan, Hailey, Skills, Mouth, Dan and Jamie. I appreciate you.

9- Bacardi and Dr. Pepper. I could probably list these separately, but lets be honest, they are better together. Especially when paired with #7. Because if ever there was a perfect tailgate drink, this is it. If you haven't tried it, I suggest you do.

10- Cupcakes. I love them. I love eating them. I love baking them. Cupcakes make me happy. If I could quit my job and make cupcakes for a living, I would. Not that I don't love my job, becuase I do, but who doesn't love cupcakes?

I think I will stop here. And be back later with 10 more.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sick of Sickness

I feel like I am always sick with something. If it isn't a migraine, its a stomach bug, or a bad foot, or acid reflux, or one of the other many ailments that my seemingly 90 year old body decides to throw at me. I am not headed to the doctor for whatever is causing me to feel sick every time I eat. I tried to ignore it, but it has been almost a week. So off I go to find out my new problem.

I am sure that my husband must think I am the biggest hypocondriac (sp?) that he has ever met. And I worry that he really thinks I am making all of this up. Because seriously, why should any one person under the age of 30 have so many issues. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

Monday, November 15, 2010

This Christmas...

...will be....a very special Christmas......because Kate will actually be old enough to kind of enjoy it this year! And I am very excited about this. I saw two friends who posted their Christmas cards of interest for this year. We got ours from Shutterfly last year and plan to do it again. Love them. They have great choices and I am super excited to order ours for this year.

Here are the ones I like.....

Shutterfly has a great offer if you want to earn up to 50 free cards. Check it out!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I need.....

A new profession. One where it isn't always my fault, everyone has to be accountable for their own actions, and where I don't come home feeling like I am a complete failure on a regular basis.

Now, if I could just figure out what else I would do with myself, that would be great.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Tonight I finally got some time to scrapbook. Well, I mean, tonight I made some time to scrapbook. I realized that I have not done so since Kate was born, which is, shockingly, a year ago this Thursday. I kind of started to feel guilty that my sweet little girl does not have sweet little baby book. And really, who wouldn't want some of her adorable pics kept in a safe, acid free environment for her to share with her kids. So here are some updated pics of my almost one year old. It's going by too fast.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Best Bday Present Ever

So my sweet hubby bought me an AMAZING new camera for my birthday. It is a Nikon D5000, and I can't wait to take some new pictures of our little angel! I have been wanting a new camera since I got pregnant and Chris finally made it happen. I will never be able to figure out all of the incredible features of this new toy, but hopefully I will be able to figure out enough to start taking some really good, quality photos!

He also made me a giant cupcake. That's right. As Seen On TV giant cupcake. It was so sweet of him to do, and it was delicious. A nice, quiet family evening is just what I needed. So, look for some good pics in the near future.