Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Who knew?

That selling your house is such a pain? We have already had 3 real estate agents look at the house and give us prices. One would think that the prices would be in a close range. Oh, nah. Instead, we now have a price that could fall anywhere in a $30,000 range. Doesn't that seem a little bit off? I mean, within $10,000 I could see, but seriously?
And to top it off, we are supposed to pay 6% between our agent and the buyers agent? What does our real estate agent really do? Give us an MLS # and then sit and wait for some buyers agent to sell the house. How does that earn 3%? And why do we have to be on the hook for the buyers agent? Why can't they find a house on their own? We did. And we are looking on our own again. I guess I feel like we are getting ripped off a little bit.
And then there is the risk that you could have your house almost sold, and then not meet the appraisal. So, this poses a serious issue seeing as we have been given such different list values for our house. Who wouldn't want to list for the highest quote they got? Obviously that isn't the best plan.
What it all boils down to, is I would like to put a for sale by owner sign in the front yard tomorrow. I would appreciate it if the first person to see it would call and tell me they have cash, no agent, and are interested in paying my asking price. Then I can close next week, pack the following weekend and move into a new house, in a better location, more convenient to my family and the friends we actually hang out with. Can we work that out? Thanks!