Friday, June 12, 2009

Why is it all so hard?

So, the decision to have a baby, not hard. Getting pregnant, thankfully for us, not hard. Everything that comes after....seems....sooooooo....hard. First it was what we were going to do with the guest room to make a nursery. Do we put up bead board? Do we just do chair railing? Should we leave it as it is and just paint? And OMG......paint!!!!! What color? Not pink. What about green, or tan, or purple, or yellow, or......... And then we said Sage Green. Do you know how many shades there are of Sage green? How can one paint company find fifteen ways to make the color SAGE! Seriously?!?!?!?!

And then we realize, maybe we should pick out the bedding we want before we decide on a color. After countless websites, Targets, Wal Marts, BabiesrUs's, random furniture stores.....we finally narrowed it down to a set called A La Mode at Babies R Us so we were able to make a decision about paint color. So the room is painted, all except one coat of white on the bottom half. And I love the bedding we are going to register for. I think it is adorable and not too girly, which makes me super happy.

So now, the new issue is nursery furniture. Back to the websites, Targets, BabiesrUs's.......And we had a set that we liked, but now we don't think that the finish is the right color for the way we have painted the nursery. So, last night, for our Anniversary, Chris and I spent an hour and a half online looking at furniture and then went back to Target. Still, no decision has been made. So today, after he gets off work, its off to Babies R Us again.

Which brings me to registering. It would be great if we did that today, but should we be taking someone with us because we have no idea what we need? And have you ever stepped into a Babies R Us? Wait until you do it when you are pregnant. Totally overwhelming. In fact, sometime during my first trimester we went there just to get a present for our friends who were having a baby shower. Chris left me alone in an aisle while he went to the bathroom and I was in tears by the time he came back. Something inside of me just started to panic about what were we going to register for? And how did they decide on the patterns and designs they chose? And when were we going to go the store and actually scan all these things? get the idea. Total meltdown mode. Can you imagine the look on Chris's face when he got back to me. I mean, here he left his total stable wife in the aisle of the store for 2 minutes and by the time he got back there was this blubbering, red faced, maniac in her place. How does he put up with me?

So, I am so excited about Kate coming in October. More than words could even explain. And Chris is totally already wrapped around her little finger. I just know she is going to be a Daddy's girl. I don't want to seem like all I can do is complain and that I am not happy, but I feel like all the things that should be fun, are so stressful. And then I feel like if I admit how stressful and completely overwhelming it is that it makes me a bad person, or a bad mom already. Talk about rediculous hormones. And, when we are actually looking at stuff together, we do have a good time, its just that there are sooooooooooooooo many options!

So, here is to hoping that Chris and I can find some solution on registering, or furniture or something today and that we can have fun doing it. Thank God he is so calm, and level headed and wonderful so that he can keep me sane.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Ready to Relax...Finally

I am freshly back from my trip to France, which can only be summed up by the word phenominal! So much to do and see and great memories with my sister. We stayed pretty close to the Eiffel Tower and we walked almost everywhere. These pregnant feet were pretty swollen when I got back on Friday. But it was sooooo worth it.

For the last couple of days I have just taken it easy. Aside from a great lunch/pedicure/pool date with Caroline on Saturday, some errands, and a trip to the farm with the dogs this afternoon I have pretty much just chilled at my house. And it has been wonderful! I didn't realize how hectic the last six weeks have been. There was the big push to the end of the school year, packing up my classroom, finding out we are having a girl, and then packing and going off to France. I realized I have had little to no down time for awhile. Now I know, I went to France, so I can't complain, but everyone knows how exhausting travel can be.

So, needless to say, the fact that my wonderful man and I are about to just sit and watch a movie is a pretty exciting prospect. Especially since Netflix sent us this movie 2 months ago and we have not had time to watch it. Don't get me wrong, there is plenty we should be doing, like working on the nursery, but I say it is time for a break.

Chris did do a lot of work on the nursery while I was gone. He put up bead board and chair railing and put in a new baseboard. It looks great. And yesterday he painted the top of the wall a color called Sagey. It is wonderful. So, with our Anniversary being on Thursday, we hope to have everything painted so that we can go pick out our furniture as our present to each other.

So, here is to a night of relaxation, before pushing ahead to get the nursery completed. I am ready to relax. FINALLY!!!!!!!