Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Moment of Silence Please...

For poor Mr. Lion.

Kate had this adorable, soft lion with the cutest little mane. And she loved him. She like to hold him, and play with him and chew on him (as all 6 month olds do with everything.) He was one of a kind. (Actually, he was mass produced by jellycat, but in our world he was a stand out.)

Yesterday, Kate and I needed to go to the grocery store. I picked up her toys and put them on the mantle and in various other places. I changed her out of her jammies and into the cutest little polo dress. I put her in the car seat, grabbed the diaper bag and off we went.

After a brief trip, couldn't have even been an hour, we returned home. I took Kate back out of the car seat, laid her on her play mat and began putting her toys around her. There was her singing dog, Mr. Bunny, a teething ring, and.....wait a minute, where is Mr. Lion?

I immediately began scanning the room. Is he on the table? No! Is he in the toy basket? No! Panic began to set in as I already knew what had happened. I rushed to the bedroom to see if, hopefully, I was wrong. It was when I reached the door that I discovered the body. Poor, defenseless Mr. Lion had been mangled. His eyes were missing and stuffing was pouring out of the sockets. It was a gruesome crime scene, to be sure.

So, I would like us all to take a moment of silence for poor Mr. Lion. I would like to remember what a good companion he has been. How loving and faithful. How soft and cuddly. RIP Mr. Lion. We will never forget you............

.......but we will replace you. In fact, Mr. Lion #2 has already been ordered off the internet and will be here in 7-10 business days. It will be like you were never even gone. Phew!